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Infiniti G Coupe IPL (2010)

Infiniti has unveiled its first IPL (or Infiniti Performance Line) package, a sports-focussed trim upgrade for the G37 Coupe. Think of the IPL pack as the equivalent of BMW’s M Sport or Audi’s S-line kits, and if it proves popular, there’ll be more kits (and even bespoke cars) to come.

No, not yet – everything is still in the very early stages of development. But rather than follow Lexus’s example (launch a bespoke car, the ISF, followed by F Sport kits later) Infiniti is launching the much cheaper sporting upgrades first. If it proves popular (and if the economy improves too) then we’ll see IPL upgrades available for other Infinitis. And if company bosses can make the numbers work, we’ve heard from Infiniti sources that it would be keen to expand IPL to build sports cars to rival M, S and RS and AMG models.

'IPL was conceived to create a new premium performance envelope, going beyond equipment upgrades to accelerate the very soul of Infiniti’s Inspired Performance,' said Infiniti vice president Ben Poore. 'IPL brings all the elements together, styling harmonized with performance, exhaust note with acceleration feel, ride comfort and confident handling. It’s the perfect formula for unmatched driving exhilaration.'

Infiniti has unveiled its first IPL kit for its most sporting car, the G37 Coupe. There are new front and rear bumpers, black surrounds for the fog lights, more sculpted side sills, a little rear spoiler and some chrome-tipped exhausts. Inside there are more supportive front seats.
The IPL kit isn’t just about the visuals though. An ECU tweak has added an extra 18bhp for a total of 343bhp (400rpm further up the rev range, at 7400rpm), along with 276lb ft (up 6lb ft). A new exhaust helps reduce back pressure, adding some extra noise as well, and the IPL G Coupe also features 19-inch alloys and performance-focussed Bridgestone tyres. Finally, the front and rear springs have been stiffened up, the shocks absorbers have been adjusted, the steering is sharper, there are upgraded brakes and a rear ‘diff.

Prices for the IPL kit have yet to be announced, and currently the package is only available in North America, though availability for other markets is under consideration.

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  1. Don't even show me the price tag =(

  2. big fan of them but, like shelby.... i can't handle the price tag....

  3. Will be able to afford one...eventually...I hope...

  4. i would have to reborn to get that car :/

  5. Can't help but drool at a beauty like that, I'd molotov cocktail a bus of nuns and puppies to own one of those

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  7. Now that's a sweet car.